Yacon Root Capsule vs Syrup

Yacon Root Capsule vs Syrup

In most selling arenas for the product Yacon Root you will find it is sold as a Syrup, pudding or even Jam. More recently however has been the introduction of the capsule form. The most common form has been until now the syrup. This is quickly changing though. Due to the difficulty of having to add in a whole new food product simply to reap the benefits of the herbal root it has been found to be very unlikely that the average person will continue to keep it in their day. In our busy on the go world filled with our many daily tasks to stop to use a syrup even once a day can get unreasonable at times.

As an alternative option Vox NutritionPrivate Label Supplements is now producing a raw grade capsule filled form. This allows for even the busiest person to experience all the benefits such as the prebiotics and antioxidants that come only from the raw uncooked form of Yacon Root. Using only veggie caps and the highest quality product Vox Nutrition can now help you add this amazing supplement to your private label supplements line for your customers who are needing help with digestive issues, weight loss, water retention or even needing a health cleanse. Private Label Yacon Root has even been known to help relieve bladder issues and kidney stones.

Call today and speak to an account representative that can assist you in adding a private label version of this or any of our other products to your line 800-795-7161.

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